Monroe Farms: Raising the Happiest Pigs in the World

Happy Pigs Make Happy Pork!


The year round fresh climate of Central Florida provides one of the most agreeable locations for raising pastured pork. Our pigs can roam freely all day investigating the acorns from the natural Florida Oaks or enjoy a sweet black berry treat from the plentiful bounty of berry bushes laced over our property. Every year we plant special crops just for the pigs entertainment and pleasure.  Okra, peas, carrots, tomatoes and sweet potatoes are amongst their favorites. To show their appreciation, the pigs, chickens and cattle all do the fertilizing for free!
Our busy chickens also provide pest control in the way nature intended. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are ever needed.

While Monroe farms is centrally located half way between the modern city of Orlando, Florida and the world famous beaches of Daytona, you would think it was 1950.

Here at Monroe farms we work with Mother Nature rather than working against her. The pigs enjoy free range access to multiple pastures and lots of special attention. We mix in some cattle and chickens with the pigs creating a unique existence that could never be found in a mass production factory operation. The cows keep the grass mowed in the pig's pasture. The chickens keep insects in check. The pigs roto-til the soil. They all work together...

We are often asked if our fencing can really hold our mature pigs. The answer is "No." Our fencing is mostly to keep wild or stray animals out. Our pigs stay on property because they have a sweet set-up. Good food, shady trees, a cool shower that comes on twice a day to make a little mud to play in. Why would they leave? Do our pigs root around? Yes. We could put rings in their noses to keep them from rooting and digging but that doesn't sound comfortable and besides, that's what pigs do! As their stewards we spend our days trying to think up new ways to keep them engaged, healthy and happy.

Happy Pigs Make Happy Pork!